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A Word About Safety


The Rochester Offshore Powerboat Association has long been associated with safe high-performance boating. From our early days as a racing club to the present as a Poker Run focused club, we have always stressed the importance of safety. We all enjoy going fast in a powerboat, but we also realize that going fast requires extra emphasis on safety both for our members and those we share the water with.


The Seneca Lake Battleship Run has a stellar reputation for safety going back over 30 years. From the very earliest days, the club realized that we had a special responsibility to be extra safe because some people think high-performance boaters are irresponsible. Those irresponsible boaters are not welcome in our club or in our events.


We have also nurtured a special relationship with local law enforcement both to show our support for the great work they do and to ensure we don’t make their job any harder. Every year we secure all applicable permits and permissions to allow us to run this event, and research other events taking place on the lake that we might need to steer clear of. We work closely with both county Sheriff’s Offices, and they are well represented the day of the event. The Office of Emergency Management is also kept in the communication loop.


As a participant in the Battleship Run, you have personal responsibility for your boat, its operation and the behavior of your crew. We require that all boats be in safe operating condition, meet all applicable local, state and federal safety standards and be fully insured. A United States Coast Guard Courtesy Marine Exam is highly recommended.


In addition to the above, ROPA has a number of its own safety rules to further ensure the safety of all involved. Failure to follow these rules can lead to disqualification from the run and in severe cases – expulsion from the run and the club.


  1. No consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs during the run.

  2. It’s not a race! The object is to get from stop to stop safely following a Pace Boat in formation.  

  3. Approved Personal Floatation Devices (Life Jackets) must be worn by everybody any time a boat is on plane. For boats capable of over 75 MPH, Lifeline racing vests are highly recommended.

  4. Kill Switch(s) must be worn by the driver any time the boat is on plane.

  5. No passing of the Pace Boat(s).

  6. Maintain a safe distance from other boats in the run and never make sudden changes in direction without first checking your six.

  7. Respect the rights of other boaters on the lake and keep a safe distance from them.

  8. Always help another boater in distress.


ROPA was founded on the principles of safe high-performance boating. We take our reputation for organizing and running safe events very seriously. Please do your part to insure we keep our enviable reputation intact for many years to come.


Tom Warda

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